NugSmasher Rosin Press Trade In Program

Trade in your current NugSmasher rosin press and upgrade to a new NugSmasher rosin press and receive the current cost of your model -20% towards trade-in!

For example, your NugSmasher Mini or NugSmasher OG was a great choice when you bought it, but as your needs grew and your desire to do larger smashes or explore using more accurate pressure and temperature, you realized you would benefit from upgrading to a press like the NugSmasher Touch or XP. Now you can upgrade by trading in your current press for 80% of its value! 

NugSmasher and Rightbud are excited to offer the NugSmasher Trade In Program to give our loyal customers the best tools for the best results!

For more information about the NugSmasher Trade In program, fill out the form below and we will contact you about the next step towards upgrading your rosin press.

* Note: Customer is responsible for shipping and customs costs.